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The Big Bad Bow

This is the AAR for this character:

It was a character that started off really powerful, ended up weakened in the mid-game, then gradually came together in the endgame to be really powerful again. The key to his damage was a great bow, plus another item that gave it +2 additional shooting speed--the most bow damage I've done for a non-ranger and maybe even for a ranger, I'm not sure.

I've attached (hopefully) a screen shot of damage possible with Holy Might arrows (of which I only had a relative few for the final battles,.

This was an unusual game. On my second trip into the dungeon, I found a Rod of Speed and a Rod of Identity, which was awesome. I was playing a thief, so they would eventually become superfluous but both were great well into the mid-game. Very soon after I found a Ring of Speed +4 and an Elfstone which had speed +3, so my little thief could pull speed +17 pretty much whenever he wanted to. Needless to say, I cruised through the early game and the early mid-game.

However, the Randomness Gods managed to catch up with me. I had a lot of problems getting resistances, especially key ones. I ended up packing away the Ring of Speed, because I had to wear a Ring of Resist Poison, and had to pack the Elfstone away in order to get some other needed resistance. I was still having to swap for nether, disenchantment and others. All of this took up a lot of slots. I was finding good pieces of gear, like some armor that gave me +2 attacks, but it had almost no resistances and I just couldn't make it work without losing a basic resistance. I also had a problem with weapons, not being able to find a high-damage weapon or a decent ranged weapon better than a heavy crossbow of power.

I also had issues with getting stat-boosting equipment, especially constitution, so i was rocking a hit point shortage almost the entire game.

In the end game, things finally changed. I got a melee weapon that was decent, if not what one would really want for the final battles, and a great longbow that could do a ton of damage. My resistances started to finally come in, then were solved completely fairly late in the endgame with Power Dragon armor. Moreover, I got a cloak that gave me +2 shots, which transformed my killer bow into a superkiller bow. I was taking down deep level uniques left and right with that bow, taking very little damage in the process.

So I went against Sauron with that killer bow, but only 830 hit points, a mediocre melee weapon, and no banishments (they were in very short supply, so I was saving them for Morgoth). The bow thankfully did all it was supposed to do and I easily dispatched Sauron. Moreover, Sauron dropped a weapon that had CON +2, so I was able to switch to that and finally crack 900 hit points.

I went to Morgoth with the fewest banishments/mass banishments I had ever had, but good healing. My goal was to take him out with the bow, if I could, which I had never really done before, even with a ranger (taking Morgoth out solely with a bow, I mean). It actually worked out well. Thankfully, Morgoth did not summon too much, and I was shooting a million shots at him each round. I ended up having to use very little healing and did not have to strain my very limited banishing capability. So it worked out well.
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