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The Holy Might Arrows fired from Belthronding were 587 and 583 versus evil, if I remember correctly. (If only Galadriel had been a ranger the damage would have been incredible!).

Deathwreaker was 537 vs evil. (In the hands of a warrior damage output would have been amazing on a whole other level.)

Orb of Destruction was far less inspiring. I don't remember my exact calculation, but Derakon has it about right.

In the situation, Galadriel had a perfect set up. Morgoth was trapped in the left eye socket of the skull room as she approached from the north-west. By being fast (+40 speed when hasted with a !Speed), she was able to swing down and around and get through the stone wall into the nose before Morgoth descended. Once there, she stood on a glyph of warding and Morgoth had nowhere to go. The two fighters were toe-to-toe for the entire battle. No ranged attack, but reading one ?Rune of Protection and then casting Glyph of Warding any time Morgoth broke through helped limit the Dark Lord's melee damage. His spell damage was easily dealt with by healing and his summons were limited in their access. He even managed to crush Lagduf under falling ceiling stones. Huan, a Greater Balrog, and a Nightwalker were his most dangerous summons and they were swiftly teleported away. Even with really low hit points, Galadriel couldn't have asked for a much better setup.
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