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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Crushing is always a possibility when fighting Morgoth. Sometimes @ can "nimbly dodge" the falling debris, but not always. Yes, the risk is greater surrounded by permanent walls because there's no where to dodge. With plenty of healing in the form of potions and mana, I wasn't so concerned about that. Lagduf was crushed out of existence (well removed from the level more likely), I assume because his hp's were low. I found the risk of a "crushing" blow far outweighed by the benefits of Morgoth's limited summons and movement.
AFAIK low HP isn't requirement for death by "embedded in stone". If you don't have free space to where to dodge you die, and same applies to monsters. That's the risk. Game tries hard to avoid that from happening, but with permanent walls next to you it certainly is possibility.

I think any space already occupied by monster is no-go for dodging and permanent walls are other no-go. You need to have granite or empty space next to you at some direction in order to avoid that. When crushing happens you then get moved to that "free" spot.

OTOH it definitely does make endgame easier and risk is low especially if you use runes to prevent earthquakes.

I think monsters that have PASS_WALL or EAT_WALL cannot be crushed. Any other creature can deleted by earthquake. I sometimes used that to get rid of something very nasty in CGV. Priests get earthquake very early. Problem is that items don't get save, so they tend to go first, and artifacts prevent crushing completely, so if monster is standing above artifact it is safe.

This might have been changed in late versions, I haven't checked the code.
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