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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Early ESP is arguably the biggest gamechanger for a warrior (Or priest caster.) Otherwise, early speed is tops. Big damage is next, but adequate damage is pretty common.
What really got me was the difference in how I managed Ibun with ESP compared to the previous paladin that got that far. The previous bloke had some serious challenges and burned through a lot more consumables to avoid the disenchant. In Butrkup's case, she could sense the incoming, drop speed, and fire off several crossbow bolts then PD and repeat.

Just knowing - dynamically - what's coming at you, is such a tactical plus. I mean detects give you a sense of "oh, there's a vampire out there, in this area," but being able to gain the "it's three squares away, behind Ulfang, so instead of using my crossbow on Ulfang, I will take this turn to step back so that I'm in a corridor where it can't get me, then, after I mash Ulfang, I should immediately PD to gain space ..."
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