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I need some advice for my stealth build


I'm actually pretty excited, my character is soon entering the lair of Morgoth.
The last time I was 1000ft (which was also the first time) I was killed pretty quickly because I didn't know what to expect, the only things I know come from the manual.

So here I am, humbly asking for some advice to get a sil and maybe win this run. I don't really know how the crown thingy work and what to expect from the ascencion. I don't really know what weapon I should take (quickblade or shortsword?)
I don't really know where I should spend my xp, and if I should 'grind' at 950ft.

Char Dump: (TY wobbly) I'm playing the 1.3 Ver

Here are my abilities:
Melee: Finesse Subtetly
Archery: Careful Shot
Evasion: Leaping Sprinting
Stealth: Assasination Cruelblow Dexterity
Perception: LoreMaster Focused Attack Listen
Will: Inner Light
Song: Silence and Lorient
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