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Originally Posted by shirish View Post
The options don't seem to be saved
Well, that's the standard Angband thing... they're saved in the character savefile (and, if you run configure --with-no-install, the savefile is in angband/lib/save).

FWIW, even after toggling sound=yes I don't get any sound and there is also no way to know if that option is being saved in-game.

That's the reason I was thinking of having a debug-mode so you could knwo what all is happening, for things like this.
There are still some things we can do. We can look into object files:
ldd angband | grep mixer
nm angband | grep sound
(run them in the directory with the angband executable)

In any case, since there were some problems with compiling with sound initally, try to recompile:
make -f Makefile.sdl2 clean
SOUND=yes make -f Makefile.sdl2
Sound is a thing quite unrelated to main-sdl2.c... it doesn't require the SDL2 port at all and can work without it (still using the SDL2 library). I always suspected that Angband's sound doesn't work very well with SDL (either 1 or 2), but most people play without sound, so there weren't a lot of bug reports. Also, Angband on Windows uses the Windows method of playing sounds, instead of SDL.
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