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Doc typo in lib/help/command.txt

This typo exists in the nightly from 2017-09-25 and in the online doc here:

Look closely at the description for "Targeting Mode". You will see that the word "space" is mis-spelled as "pace".
Targeting Mode ('*')
This will allow you to aim your ranged attacks at a specific monster or grid, so that you can point directly towards that monster or grid (even if this is not a "compass" direction) when you are asked for a direction. You can set a target using this command, or you can set a new target at the "Direction?" prompt when appropriate. At the targeting prompt, you have many options. First of all, targetting mode starts targetting nearby monsters which can be reached by "projectable" spells and thrown objects. In this mode, you can press 't' (or '5' or '.') to select the current monster, pace to advance to the next monster, '-' to back up to the previous monster, direction keys to advance to a monster more or less in that direction, 'r' to "recall" the current monster, 'q' to exit targetting mode, and 'p' (or 'o') to stop targetting monsters and enter the mode for targetting a location on the floor or in a wall.

(Also, now that I'm looking at it more closely, I'm realizing that the word "targeting" is mis-spelled frequently as "targetting" in the description text.)
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