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Just a couple of random thoughts about the apparent rift in the PCB fanbase. From the perspective of someone who's gotten plenty of enjoyment out of the game, and by no means an expert at it but certainly an enthusiast.

1. Its an amazing game, and its free. As variants go its hugely popular and deservedly so.

2. Its the nature of open source software that it is easily modified. The developer wants to protect the integrity of the game he created by asking players who mod the game to be transparent about it and call their edited games by a different name. To me that seems like a totally reasonable thing to ask. poschengband has name recognition and a reputation in the band community. Calling a modded game by the name poschengband is kind of a selfish way to reap the rewards of name recognition that was built on someone else's work.

3. If someone hacked the game to the point they had hidden healing staves in their inventory, that really goes beyond modding the game, thats clear cheating. And if they get publicly shamed for it, it seems deserved to me

4. If there's one thing I have found a little frustrating about poschengband its the lack of a communication channel with the developer. I occasionally find a bug and have no idea how to go about reporting it. Sometimes I post it here in the forum, sometimes I put it on git, but I've never gotten any acknowledgement either way that the issue has been addressed or even seen

5. Maybe the communication problem even factors into the players interest in modding the game. Players find bugs and come up with feature ideas, and if there's no feedback channel to voice these issues then its kind of a logical step to start tinkering with things yourself

6. But then again, when most of the feedback you get is people finding flaws, I'm sure that gets frustrating. If the developer stays out of the public just so he doesnt spend all his time interacting with critics, that seems totally understandable.

The game is a masterpiece, thanks once again for all the work that went into it
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