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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
There was a discussion about the change on the mailing list and on IRC if you're interested.

There has been talk about moving to a function that could produce *any* depth of monster or item (obviously with a correspondingly small probability) but tuning the function so it "felt" right would be tricky and no one's done it yet.
Mailing list? IRC, what's that? I didn't know of such things.

The OoD object generation seems to have a *lot* more variability and seems about right. It would be nice if the monsters were also. I guess I'll just sit around and wait.

EDIT: A quick fix, if anybody notices this, would be to change
259	#define NASTY_MON    25        /* 1/chance of inflated monster level */
to this
259	#define NASTY_MON     5        /* 1/chance of inflated monster level */
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