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L58. 5-4. A tiny maze level, home to the Balrog of Moria. 6 arrows of venom, 3 of frost and 7 acid bolts kill it.

L59. 5-5. I kill Ar-Pharazon the Golden with 13 acid bolts, 11 seeker arrows of frost and 1 explosion.

L60. 3-3. A cave level. An ethereal drake takes me to CL 39 (649 HP, 313 SP).

L61. 5-4. Not much of interest here.

L62. 6-7. There's a small vault here; 3 time hounds and an AMHD get teleported away, everything else dies. Inside: the mithril gauntlets of Beolair. +3 infravision, fire immunity, resist cold and nexus, regeneration, and a 160-point frost ball activation. The gloves I'm currently wearing give +2 strength, +3 intelligence, resist lightning and free action. It's tempting to make the swap for the fire immunity, but losing that intelligence would drop my SP from 313 down to 234. I keep my current gloves.

L63. 6-7. A small vault, guarded by Ren the Unclean and Saruman of many colors. I teleport Ren out of harm's way for now; It takes 15 arrows of acid and one acid bolt to kill Saruman. He takes me to CL 40 (664 HP, 321 SP) and drops an amulet of trickery: +3 dexterity, +1 stealth, +5 searching, +5 infravision, +2 speed, resists poison and nexus, sustains dexterity. Up to now I've been wearing the jewel Siandi, found on L31. Siandi's most important property is the +4 constitution, but CON is well maxed even without it. Therefore switching to trickery is a straight upgrade. My stealth goes to 'heroic', base speed to +29.

Before I leave this level, Ren dies to 5 acid-brand arrows and 14 acid bolts, dropping nothing of interest except a slightly better robe of resistance that gives me 5 more AC points.

L64. 9-9. A decent-sized vault dominates the center of this level, chock-full of uber-powerful uniques.

In the non-vault part the level, Castamir the Usurper dies to 17 acid bolts, destroying a few potions in the process. He drops the leather shield 'Sulutureg': +1 light, +5 strength, resist all base elements plus light and dark. On the other hand I'm now using a shield of elvenkind that has +1 stealth and resist nexus. Sulutureg's +5 STR just doesn't make much difference but I don't currently resist light and dark. On the other hand, stealth is incredibly tactically important right now and I notice that +1 makes the difference between 'superb' and 'heroic'. I have no idea what that means in terms of the probability of waking things up, but it's clearly a good omen, so I discard the artifact and stick with my trusty shield of elvenkind.

Opening this vault is probably a bad idea. On the other hand, it's the kind divided into separate chambers, so hopefully I can control the situation.

I teleport away a Great Wyrm of Thunder; the Phoenix; the Cat Lord (5 times, she keeps coming back); Glaurung, father of dragons; a great swamp wyrm; Lungorthin, the balrog of white fire; a nightcrawler; Hoarmurath of Dur; Gothmog, high captain of the balrogs; and Khamul, the black easterling.

Ji Indur Dawndeath is killed by 8 mithril arrows of acid and 5 acid bolts. He drops the studded leather armor 'Elfaugros', which offers +2 wisdom, resists dark, sound and chaos, protects from blindness and confusion, and see invisible. I'm still wearing a robe of resistance, so this is a welcome upgrade. The weight of my armor begins to encumber my movement, but the only effect I can see from this is my SP drops slightly from 329 to 326.

Uvatha the Horseman dies after taking 4 arrows of acid and 5 acid bolts, dropping junk only.

Kavlax the Many-Headed gets hit by 8 arrows and 6 magic missiles.

Everything else inside dies, bringing me to CL 41 (683 HP, 329 SP). In the vault is a slightly better amulet of Trickery with an extra stealth point. How does stealth really work? Is it like constitution, where the very last points are the most powerful? Or is it more like speed, where there's no real benefit after a certain point?
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