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L77. 7-6. Gorlim, betrayer of Barahir drops an interesting set of randart armor: the metal scale mail 'Morthor', which I take as an upgrade, though it's much heavier than my old armor. Basically this armor trade closes resistance gaps in light, nether and disenchantment, but opens a gap in sound. I lose protection from confusion but gain protection from life force drain. My stealth goes from heroic to legendary. I gain an inventory slot since I no longer need to carry a swap item for nether resistance. And I lose a few SP (from 352 to 337) because of encumbrance. I also drop a bunch of not-so-essential stuff to compensate for the extra 15 lb weight, but it'll probably still cost me a speed point or 2, which I don't think is a problem at this point.

Clearing an undead pit nets CL 45 (750 HP, 345 SP), an assortment of useful potions and scrolls to replace some of the ones that have gotten destroyed in fighting recently, and a new randart shield that provides a new source of confusion protection at cost of 1 stealth point.

L78-82. Little to see here, just passing through.

L83. 6-6. I kill Draugluin, sire of all werewolves with a barrage of archery and magic. Along with the hounds he summons, this takes me to CL 46 (766 HP, 359 SP). Maeglin, traitor of Gondolin dies to a combination of archery and Rift, dropping a useless randart.

L84. 6-7. A large vault dominates the middle of this level, very easy to clean this out with legendary stealth. Everything dangerous or annoying gets teleported away; everything else dies. I pick up a few attack wands, a few scrolls of *destruction*, a potions of experience, healing, restore mana, a few more speed rings that bring my base speed up to +38, hmm that seems almost excessive. What seem like swarms of high-powered uniques keep getting summoned in, but I teleport almost all of them away, especially ones that can destroy consumables, as they are too tough to kill in the confines of the vault. But I do kill a few: Thuringwethil with a combo of rift, meteor storm, and a little archery. Atlas the titan with meteor storm. Feagwath takes me to CL 47 (782 HP, 367 SP).

L85. 5-5. A time hound breathes on me, lowering all my statistics! Oh well, only 600,000 XP to go before the next level.

Khamul the black easterling dies to a barrage of arrows and one Rift.

L86. 7-9. There's a wonderful little vault here with individual compartments so I can let the monsters out one at a time. I kill Fundin Bluecloak and Pazuzu, lord of air. I put on the band of Einendor (dropping a speed ring), which has a whole spectrum of stat bonuses and resistances, capped by fire immunity.

L87. 6-6. Kronos and Polyphemus are both waiting in a small treasure room near my entry point. Kronos has frost breath so I avoid engagement, but Polyphemus dies quickly. A red dragon pit brings me to CL 48 (799 HP, 375 SP).

L88. 6-7. Waldern, king of Water is killed easily but destroys a few healing potions.

A spiral vault. It's very easy to walk through, clearing entire corridors with a single Rift spell.

Osse, Herald of Ulmo nearly kills me with a nether bolt that takes me down to 70 HP. Since I resist nether, I was not expecting this and still don't quite understand how it happened. Anyway I managed to teleport him away, heal, then kill him when he came back.

I leave the Tarrasque alone because of its potion-destroying frost breath, but kill the Mouth of Sauron with meteor swarms, rift, and archery.
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