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Unangband release imminent

I'm going to be releasing another update of Unangband 0.6.2 in the next week and I'd like to make it a beta rather than a work in progress release if possible. The distinction in my mind is that the work in progress releases have known problems with the dungeon generation algorithm that could get you into fairly stuck positions. All (but one) of these has been fixed, and the remaining problem is just that the dungeon gets sometimes split in two. With me planning persistent levels further down the track, I'm not sure whether this will even be a problem in the long term.

I've got two requests of anyone interested in helping this release go a little more smoothly.

Firstly, if you can compile, could you compile a debug build from the SVN, with -DALLOW_BORG compiled in, test it and report bugs.

You could even let the (dumb) borg run if you want (^Z to start him. Probably add a small delay factor e.g. 3 in the options menu). Note that this is the Leon Marrick dumb borg implementation, so he's not really playing the game. I'd like any crashes reported on the bug tracking system as well as any infinite loops that you've had to break out of.

Secondly, I need a volunteer to be able to compile a Windows executable, when I'm ready to release, probably this Wednesday or Thursday. Drop me a PM here if you're interested.


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