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4.1.2 crash during Morgoth battle - Can't load save

I have been playing Angband for some time now, but for the first time, a character of mine has survived long enough to reach DL100. Around 3/4 of the way through Morgoth's hitpoints, I killed one of his summons and the game crashed. Now when I try to load that save, I receive the following error:

angband: load.c:314: rd_monster: Assertion `c->objects[obj->oidx] == NULL' failed.
I am running Angband 4.1.2 on xubuntu 17.10, compiled from source.

I have attached my save file. I am wondering if there is anything that can be done to fix my game, never having been able to survive DL50, let alone DL99.

Perhaps not, but maybe this file will help with bug hunting.

Kind regards.
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