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Ego weapons you always wanted to find...

In my second winner ever, a Dwarf Paladin, I found a Mace of Disruption (Holy Avenger) (+21 damage). Ever since then I've been keeping an eye out for something similar. I played a few minutes tonight, scumming dl 99 with my old standby, the Kobold Rogue, and lo and behold:

a) a Mace of Disruption of Fury (5d8) (+18,+20) (+2)
(Lying on the floor at 4950 feet)

Combat info:
7 blows/round.
Average damage/round: 144.8 vs. undead, and 88.1 vs. others.

That's 616 dam/turn against ordinary monsters; 1036 against undead. If I swap out Narya/Nenya for a Ring of Acid, I'll be doing 900+ dam/turn against Sauron. A hell of a step up from my previous best weapon, the good but not great Gurthang... No need to worry about aggravation from the Palantir anymore, though with Heroic stealth, I think I will continue to go with a swap.
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