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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Not according to the current code, which uses the object power to determine its contribution to the level feeling. Since bad items have power 0 (or less), they'll never bump the level feeling.
OK, if this is intended behavior I can understand it. It seemed a little odd to me.
Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Do people actually want OOD bad items to increase the level feeling? I'd have thought not, but you never know.
At first, I thought maybe they should create bad feelings, but then I realized that you would have a problem with both an OOD bad item and OOD good item, would you then have to have some sort of mixed feeling? So it is probably more trouble than it is worth.

Anyway, this led to a new issue: I finally managed to uncurse this weapon after several to-hit enchantments. This left me with: a Cutlass (1d8) (+4,-3). I had found a HA weapon in the meantime, so I put it on and was surprised when I didn't drop this one, as I had squelched "good" edged weapons. So I hit 'ignore' and selected this weapon, and choice 'b' was all non-artifact weapons. This weapon started out as just a magical cutlass. It was never any more than "good", so it appears that mixed signs on to_hit and to_dam bonuses mess up the quality squelch level of weapons. I have confirmed this by loading a test character and going through a similar process; since there was some discussion about wanting to have issues in the tracker, I have opened a ticket.
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