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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC2 aka "Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC2 ! See
RC2! Soon ... soon we shall have V1!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote on http://roguelikedeveloper.blogspot.f...ii-dreams.html

Release highlights:
Many many bugfixes & polishing

Expanded changelist:
Yeek & Undead chronomancers do not start in Point Zero
Can not farm monstreous losgoroth for XP
Fixed Merkul's Second Eye speed
Arcane Combat only tries to trigger spells off cooldown
Changed crit color to blue instead of yellowish
Fixed particles staying in the faded log
Dead things wont leech life
Randbosses cant get two golems
Shield damage displays for classes that can bump attack with them
Can drop parts of a stack
Achievements list on death can scroll
Fixed the giant health bar for chronomancer taking their first step into Eyal
Dwarves also excluded from Point Zero. Bad dwarves! Evil dwarves!
Can only transfer items to things with inventories
Shard of Crystallized Time hasa neat description
New option to not auto-bind activate items in the hotkeys
Fixed knockbacks
Fix arena when winning
Nightmare mode level scaling is now 3 + 50%
Insane mode level scaling is now 5 + 120%
Alchemist rewards are listed as plot items
Fixed encoding on some lore
Shatter shouldnt give the damage achievements when used on critters
Fix Backlash
Fix swallow
Glowing Chests can not pop over other evens
Fixed bug with Aetherwalk
Slight bonus to final stage of Spellhunt Remnants
Elemental undead slightly more common to make up for Rak'Shor only (40 Rarity vs 50)
Minor Fortune's Eye nerf
Stores do not loose existing items when restocking
Dark Sustenance and Shadows do learn the hate bar
Reset arena data will also pop the store
Shadows correctly use empathic hex and count as summons for the Blighted Summoning requirement
Rampage Brutality is correctly checked for the bonus crit duration
Fillarel does not anger easily
New ActorostUseTalent hook
Added new hook Actor:getTalentFullDescription
Gloves show attack speed
Transfer item to party memebr can be cancelled
Fearscape de-activates when reaching 0 vim
Stats can only be reduced to their minimum
Glimmerstone does not daze anymore, instead it randomly grants a chance to daze on the next attack
Nightmare mode achievements
Weaver Queen lost her heal
Levelup dialog now has a button to learn new inscription slots
Buffed a bit Aether Permeation
Fixed the donations popup from showing far too often
Fix alt-tabbing
Shadow Combat adds a mana bar
Use a more "work friendly" boot image
Corrupted Strength does refund 8 vim when it kills something
Fixed not being able to unlearn the correct amount of talents in some cases
Aeryn is a bit more resilient
When comparing items block value is green if there is more
Lore is now stored by the party instead of the player
Escorts that happen in tier1 zones now always appear in the first and second tier1 zones you do, no risk of missing them becasue of easy-tier1-zone-skip
Fix getting the lumberjack event while being attacked
Updated many talent descriptions
Full ESP can not appear on rares
New "video" option in the boot menu: Censor boot; (on by default), when disabled it allows to select between all boot images
Buffed Deeprock
Mergeback deosnt fail if one half is dead
If Rockswallow kills a foe it will still cost a turn & ressources
Fix Deeprock reqs
Crystaline Dwarven Half earthen missiles will go through friendlies
New Game:registerPersistentHook; this is most awesome! Now the server can push new talents, temp effects, ... !
Fullscreen & resolution switching fixes

Have fun!
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