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Wait, you had all those abilities at what CL and DL? When did you face Eol?

I found an amulet with a bunch of {??} and an activation for beam of light, but when I activate it it aims randomly. Only when I finally ID'd all the ?? does the activation now ask me where I'd like to aim my beam of light. Is this intended behavior?

Haha! I polymorphed a Colbran into a green dragon! That is.. just .. frickin' .. awesome! I held onto the wand for ochre jellies or the black jellies that are uber acid, but I didn't think the wand would work on the Colbran since it doesn't work on vortices (the two having nonlivingness as a shared attribute). I wonder if the wand works on Storm Giants? Probably not. (Not that I have a metallic means of TO anyway), but regardless, both electrified nasties are nasty pieces of work (and I like my rod of mapping).

The @ posted about above died almost immediately after I made the post, just after picking up a rod TO and an elvenkind armor of rPois, two things I really needed! But I let an Ethereal dragon on a small maze level get the better of me. As soon as I detected it I should have left the level, but instead decided to try to take down an ancient black dragon wielding puny acid immunity awl-pike and the ethereal dragon decided that was a good time to wake up and take advantage of my injured @. Lesson learned: bad weapons with immunity, even as a swap weapon, are useless.

EDIT: Was there a change made to !Salt Water? I quaffed one and instead of being at the early stages of Faint I was at the end stages of Faint.

edit: I detected for objects with the spell and it said I detect objects! but there were no objects in the area. Pretty minor thing, but it probably should say "there are no objects nearby."

Well, it's happened again. Was considering testing out a rod (will this one finally be TO?) on a master thief, then thought better of it: he might drop something useful. Yeah, I'd say <+9> <+4> boots are pretty useful. I think this marks the second such item I found on DL36. I wonder... is it by some small chance possible that somehow the powerlevel of these fine boots somehow got inadvertantly reduced in the code? Because I remember finding them on the floor at this depth on a 6 feeling level, which seemed like a low feeling for one of the best ego items in the game.

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