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Updated again. I didn't get any feedback on the throwing interface so I'm guessing no one tried it. Oh well. I've changed it again. 'w' wields an item into the main slot always, no questions. There's a new command 'W' for wielding into an alternate slot (arm or quiver, it will ask if a weapon can be both). Auto pickup is smart enough to re-fill empty quivers now.

Focused attack and concentration now apply to Sil cutting.

Bigger change: Lore-Master. No longer identifies all items. Instead it reveals a level feeling to you after passing a perception versus staircasiness (the hidden variable that traps the stairs if you try to scum). The resulting formula is a bit crawly and I might put in a simpler one. The goal is to put a brake on scumming. There are three levels of feeling, down from 10, mundane, valuable (forge or lesser vault), or important (ench. forge or greater vault). Once revealed the feeling can be checked with ^F (and the depth is colored).

The food clock feels like its in the right place, almost. I played a game recently where I found Anguirel at 200'. Wielding it constantly I had more food pressure than usual in a game. Of course this was mitigated by taking it off. I think the best solution is for hungry items to hunger even when not worn (mpa-sil discouraged swapping on/off region by turning off hunger when not regenerating), making it more like Danger. At that point it might even make sense to give a difficulty modifier to smithing hungry artifacts.

I'm intrigued by the light clock suggestions. Making lesser jewels light radius 2 makes them too good for their smithing cost, but so does making brass lanterns immortal. It's something I'm thinking about but probably not going to be the next change.

The next chance I get to work will probably be code refactoring. I'd like to also perhaps implement a crawl style vault-syntax allowing placing monsters by name &c. I'm not a good vault smith but I think that enabling fancier vault making would still be cool. Other QoL player-friendly features I'd like to add are an in-game version of the manual and a manual appendix documenting monster 'spells' (what is the difference between an accursed screaming and a shout? what exactly do the monster songs that exist do? what are the opposed rolls in each case?). Again this is probably easier after re-organizing the code base following the V4.0 refactor.

Another idea I've got kicking around is to return thrown-potion effects (mpa-sil took them out) to some bad potions and also flasks of oil.
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