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semi-psuedo variants for non-programmers

I am not a programmer, but like other people, I also like to make my own version of things. I know most of my game-designing ideas will remain as they are -daydreams, but I recently discovered how easy is it to edit certain things in the game using the text files in the 'edit' subfolder. So I am in the process of making my own semi-psuedo variant of Angband. Obviously, I can't change a lot without knowing the programming language (I don't even know what language Angband is written in), but I'm thankful to whoever created the edit subfolder for making me be able to change what I can change. I have a couple questions about doing this:

1>Would it be against copyright rules to redistribute the changed text files as a semi-psuedo variant?
(I wouldn't expect many people to be interested in something like this anyway, but I'd like to be able to share it in case anyone is interested.)

2>Should there be a new section of the Angband ladder on this site for
dumps from this type of personal variant? (It wouldn't fit on the main ladder when you can (for example) make Ringil appear on level 1 with rareness 1 if you wanted to.) 'cause I'd still like to be able to post dumps even though these wouldn't fit in the main ladder.

3>Is it possible or too much to ask for someone nice who knows how to program to make it so we can change more types of things in the text files in that folder?



PS: I somlemnly swear not to post such dumps on the main ladder, I realize that that wouldn't be right. I made a separate set of folders for my edited version, so I still have the unchanged version also.
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