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I looks like I should be editing Unangband instead of vanilla to be able to do more with the edit files. Last time I played Unangband it still had some nasty bugs, so I gave up on it for awhile. Maybe I'll download the most recent version and edit that instead.

About other things I'd like to be able to change in the txt files, I didn't have anything complicated in mind. Just things like being able to make new slays for new types of monsters I'm adding, and make certain monsters of different types appear together. (I wanted to add Haradrim and make them always appear with mumaks). And make new vulnerabilities, currently, HURT_LITE, and HURT_ROCK are the only ones. Is there a way to make monsters more vulnerable to certain elements or types of weapons?
With Unangband being able to edit spells, I'd make new summon spells for particular types of monsters which don't have a spell to summon them. If I could, I'd also had monster spells like curse (opposite of scroll of blessing) and hallucenate.

Whatever I just can't do without coding is okay, I'd just want to know how much I am able to do without coding.

Also noticed the lurker above looks exactly like the floor. I never noticed that before because when you have graphics turned on, it has a picture for the lurker above. Why does it have a picture for it when you're not supposed to be able to see it?

Also again, there's a few flags in the monster txt file I was wondering what they do:
F:ESCORTS (there's an ESCORT flag, so why an ESCORTS flag?)

Those were the only three I wasn't able to figure out what they do.
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