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Originally Posted by FV20X6 View Post
Been enjoying the new magic added, but I've run into a few snags.

A: Is there any way around the bug of your home requiring you to have enough money to buy an item before you can get it out of there after you've encountered it?

B: Just what does Animate Objects animate? I was expecting torches and daggers but all I could ever get to animate were body parts.

C: Are Men of Erech supposed to be getting diseases? I had assumed the undead tag would prevent that.
The bug should be fixed in wip7a, so download that...

Animate Objects will animate other stuff when you get deeper... it summons from the list of available monsters, and if you're too shallow, it'll only summon what's in depth.

Yes. Res_disease is a separate flag...

The Roflwtfzomgbbq Quylthulg summons L33t Paladins -more-
In UnAngband, the level dives you.
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