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I once patched the game so that everything automatically identified itself. It works decently well, though it does IIRC leave you vulnerable to losing artifacts (since identifying an artifact counts as "seeing" it). Certainly this style of play is preferable to the ID game pre-3.1 or so, which is when I tried that patch.

My personal preference would be to switch everything to a "flavors"-style identification system. Different ego items are just different flavors, so once you recognize one Holy Avenger, you recognize them all. Pluses, pvals, random high resists, etc. would all be automatic once you recognize the flavor. Artifacts can be automatically fully-ID'd since they're unique; justify it as the lore about famous items being well-known (as e.g. Glamdring is well-known as a bane of orcs).

The main goal of this is to make finding an un-identified item be innately exciting, since it's something you haven't encountered before (with this character).
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