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Hmm, just because anybody *can* look things up in the spoilers currently doesn't mean that the earlier programmers intended for the game to be played that way. I don't recall the monster spoiler being around 20 or so years ago.

As I pointed out with the CM2100 Championship mode example - when you're playing that mode all the in-game conveniences (take backs, hints, etc.) were disabled. The programmers obviously couldn't prevent people from going outside the game and doing things like analyzing moves on a board but I'm pretty sure that was contrary to the spirit of that particular option.

I think the game design indicates that it was the intent that people should discover information about monsters by playing the game. If people don't want to, they're welcome to use the spoilers, use the cheat option, or tweak the program. I think that the changing the official rules of the game in this way violates the integrity of the earlier design choices.

Sort of like, if people want to play chess with 3 queens and a teleporting king, more power to them, but that doesn't mean that I think the basic rules of chess should be altered to reflect that as an official option.
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