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You're just about good to go.7 ?Mass banishment and 5 ? banishment is enough, and over 600 damage per round is phenomenal, which you will get easily with triple (hero/berserk/blessed) buffing. Those spells are undervalued: they don't just increase hit rate; they improve damage by around 20-30 points per turn with a MoD.

As for Destruction: make sure you go into the fight with the staffs uncharged. When you need to clean up, charge one and use it fully before going back into combat.

Make sure to carry SCROLLS (25 or so is enough) of phase door to the final fight. The spell with 5% fail rate is not good enough. You can take MB1 as a backup if you have room in your pack. Most important books are 3 (in case M summons Q's), 4 (haste self, teleport other), 5 (shield, resistance), and 8 (heroism, berserk, recharge if you take staffs.) You can leave everything else behind, with the possible exception of book 1 I mentioned.

Also, go ahead and kill Sauron. That will let you estimate better how much more Healing you may need.

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