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Originally Posted by Red Sky Grishka View Post
While playing Zandband, I've started out as a barbarian chaos-warrior. Does this seem alright and also, what's the best class throughout the game?
ZAngband? Man, that takes me back.

Probably the best class is Mindcrafter; they get a bunch of insanely cheap and highly versatile spells, including a targeted teleport spell, a spell that stuns enemies, and a spell that hurts all enemies in LOS. However, they have a weak start since they're bad at melee and their starting attack spell only hurts intelligent enemies (and thus works poorly on the rats, snakes, worms, etc. that infest the early levels).

Failing that, Chaos Warrior is pretty good; mutations are usually beneficial and can be ridiculously good (like getting an innate +4 STR or INT), and the Chaos realm has several good spells in it. Try playing a Beastman Chaos Warrior for maximum mutation-y fun.

Hybrid classes in general are mostly pretty good, honestly. If you want to go mage, Chaos/Sorcery is probably the most reliable realm combination.

If you want to ignore spells, the golem race is absurdly good, with amazing stats and good intrinsics.
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