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Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
I thought the Phoenix *was* a a midgame unique? At least, I usually encounter it first between DL 50 and 60. Granted, you don't want to fight it usually when you first encounter it, but I find you almost never want to fight the midgame uniques the first time you encounter them.
So Uvatha was a unique that used to appear in the mid 40s and you could kill him. He was tanky but a pure melee monster. Adunaphel was another that you could handle at depth, and you wanted to because she would track you from across the level and just be a constant pain in the bum. Neither could do that much damage to a character to one shot them when you first come across them.

Phoenix is native to 54 and it has two super powerful breaths. You either need to have fire immunity or double resist for it to be possible to fight the Phoenix. And still it's very fast moving and melee is a pain without immunity.
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