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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Phoenix is native to 54 and it has two super powerful breaths. You either need to have fire immunity or double resist for it to be possible to fight the Phoenix. And still it's very fast moving and melee is a pain without immunity.
OK, so you mean midgame uniques your character can actually fight, not uniques that show up in the midgame. That's pretty much just the stone trolls in my experience (and maybe Beorn, though I'm not sure he shows up *quite* in the midgame yet).

I'm surprised you don't make heavy use of magical mapping. I use it all the time, for every class. I pretty much always reserve an inventory slot for it, and anytime I don't have it, I feel like I'm flying blind.

As far as summon tree, what about summon huorns? Sure, they don't block line of sight, but they'd be incredibly tanky summons who could still block enemies from reaching you (or from summoning their own).

Also, if the Druid's quake spell is anything like the Blackguard's I don't think it would be useful in lieu of Destruction against Morgoth. I tried it against Maeglin, and at least the Blackguard's version just doesn't disrupt LOS as well as Destruction does.
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