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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Lightning Strike: I didn't make too much use of this. The stun feels like it wore off way to quickly and the damage was not worth the mana cost
I used a few casts of this to stun every tough opponent even if I was going to kill them in melee.

Become Pukel-man: This spell comes too late for a character to make use of. You can't reliably cast it until the fairly late game at which point the -5 speed is a killer. If I had to offer an alternative, I would remove the speed penalty from this guy (and maybe the damage reduction) and keep the acid immunity. It would then be a niche spell to deal with acid monsters. I would then add a transform spell to book 2 maybe that does what this guy does, gives you damage reduction, extra melee damage, a speed debuff. The goal of this guy would be to give the druid a way to handle groups of lowish level meleers like orcs and trolls.
This certainly wasn't my experience - I used this spell to handle 90% of my fights from the time I got the book (around 1500') to my death at 1750' or so. It definitely works to plough through orcs and trolls with no damage at all (just look out for occasional melee hard-hitters like giants). In combination with Slow Monster and Haste Self I used it against all the melee uniques around that depth, including the tougher orc uniques and Bill, Bert, Tom. The -5 speed is obviously significant but just don't use it around monsters with very high damage attacks where a double-attack is a game-ending risk, and damage reduction is huge against small monsters.(It didn't contribute to my death, by the way, I wasn't using it then )
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