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I probably haven't played 4.2 enough to take the following statements to the bank, but I think if there is one thing that I really miss about the previous versions of Angband and the monster overhaul is Uvatha and Adunaphel not showing up in the DL40s. I think Fizzix makes a good argument for them (or something like them) being there. I think I'm a bit too attached to my fear of Fagweath to have him demoted, though. I think muddling with iconic monsters too much kinda "breaks" the "history" aspect of the game over time that players have developed with different memorable monsters. I mean, lots of people have plenty of memories of Faegwath and to have him suddenly be a low level 40s unique would just be unsettling and odd at best.

Had I read your comments on the Ents (and I would extend it to Huorns) after first playing 4.2 I'd be 100% behind you in your suggestion but I've slowly adapted to their difficulty and feel their unique behavior, albeit very annoying, add an urgency to certain situations that make the game more interesting. I actually find Huorns much more problematic than Ents because by the time they show up I don't have any good means of dealing with them and end up using a lot of ?phases or leaving the level. I feel like Ents are less common than Huorns as well.

I suppose, since we're on the topic of Druids and nature (I admittedly know very little about the class in its current form as I haven't yet played it in the current version), but it might be interesting to distinguish the Druid class even more by giving them a spell that pacifies nature: Any natural creature in the game that is not evil and not awake at the start of the level can be pacified; made neutral for a time based duration or until harmed. I suppose they could have a small chance to resist the spell, and maybe certain reputation-bearing natural creatures like sabertooth cats could have a higher chance to resist the spell.

They wouldn't be asleep they'd just lose interest in the player as a target for a time, so they would stop pursuing the player for, say, 30+1d80 turns. It would be an expensive spell early on with a high fail rate so it wouldn't always trivialize ents and huorns, but I think given how annoying these 'monsters' are it's perhaps not a bad idea to give players who hate dealing with them an option to make them less bothersome without completely neutralizing them as a threat.

Moving the Troll Trio lower would further limit how long 'slay troll' is useful for in the game. Though, I admit, in terms of flavor and "history" I would not be bothered by having these trolls weaker. I would mind seeing iconic uniques like The Phoenix, Cantoras, Faegwath or other deep ones demoted, though. I suppose having Tuvildo demoted wouldn't be irksome as he is like 500X stronger than his strongest servant and he would be more interesting showing up at a shallower depth.

One minor quibble I have about Angband is that there are *very* few spells that a Warrior cannot cast. I think having detect life is a great hole in the Warrior's kit of utility spells he has to make due without and giving him access to it would be an unwelcome buff to a class I love to play and would make diving much safer. I suppose giving blood falcons the EVIL flag could solve the issue for weaker non-life detectors, but I personally wouldn't be a fan of this solution. I think weakness holes like this one help distinguish the classes from one another and given that the early game is one of the more fun parts of the game to play dying early on isn't such a big deal.
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