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Originally Posted by clouded View Post
This is absolute nonsense, you haven't even played vanilla angband and no right to act like you own the game. Nick is a fantastic maintainer and is extremely open to other people's views and ideas, and to upholding the spirit of Angband. If you had been around the main Angband community (not the tomenet one) for more than a month you would realise how many times a discussion about "don't develop vanilla" has come up and how embarrasing this topic looks.
Thanks for a feedback. But it seems that you do not have anything to say about the subject of this topic, you only speaking about my personality. I'm touched with such attention, but still I kindly ask you to do not distract attention from the subject of this discussion.

Also please read my message more carefully one more time (if you actually bothered to read it once, which I doubt); then you would see that I respect Nick greatly, but do not agree with his past decisions. I have all rights to express my feelings in this direction; I'm sure that Nick himself would approve having alternative vision on this matters.
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