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Originally Posted by Oramin View Post
I'm still waiting for the folks who want to use the option to admit that this discussion is happening only because they don't want the game to label them as "cheats".
Huh? Hasn't that been the point from the beginning? What other reason could there be? If I'm just playing on my own system, it makes no difference that I'm labeled as "cheating", but it's inconvenient for participating in the ladder, competitions, etc. If you want fewer participants in those things then the "cheat" setting serves that purpose.

The earlier programmers of the game came up with a balance they preferred and decided that instant monster omniscience violated that balance.
I don't think so. I think it's just to satisfy players who like accumulating information as they play (which are obviously a significant fraction, judging from the comments here). It never had anything to do with balance, as anyone who wanted to know what a monster does would just look in the spoilers. And you've argued vociferously that anyone who has played the game a short while already knows everything they need to know, so if that's true there can't be any "balance" change from looking up monsters, anyway.
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