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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I've now got a priest to CL21, DL19.

I didn't have this problem, but OK. Sanctuary was always deemed useless, but maybe with the new status effects some variant of that would be good. More on the spell pacing later.

I'm not exactly sure what to do about the proliferation of books thing. I think having the half-casters sometimes getting their own books is good for clarity, but it does create more useless objects. On the other hand, having the other class books around is kind of nice for promoting curiosity about classes you aren't currently playing (for players who haven't played all the classes yet).
Sanctuary is useless because it only affects adjacent monsters. It really should affect everything in LOS, just like a staff activation. Perhaps make it low-level and cheap, but with the drawback that it only puts monsters to sleep lightly, so its main benefit is to buy time for escape by teleport spells that have higher fail rates. Or keep it as a higher-level and more expensive spell, but make it put the monsters into the deepest possible sleep state, so that a caster with decent stealth can proceed to fight other monsters without worrying that the slept monsters will wake.

On the book proliferation thing, how about having it so that each class has its own spellbooks, but only two sets of spellbooks are generated per game? For example, say I'm playing as a priest. I'll find my green priest books, and in addition I will find one randomly chosen set of red books. One game, those might be the mage books, next game they might be the rogue books, and so forth. If I were a warrior (and thus had no spellbooks of my own), both sets of books would be randomized. That way, we get the flavor benefits of having unique books for each class, and of people seeing all of the books without actually playing as every class, but there's no increase in junk over previous release versions.
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