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Fizzkit, what OS are you on and do you have similar problems with stock ToME?


Another beta is out! Grab it from GitHub or Bitbucket or wait for ModDB.

I have a month to spare until the 1st anniversary of starting the work on Veins, and we're getting pretty close to Incursion's level, which was our target. Also, we have something Incursion does not - lore!

* bug fix - nil table in EntityTracker
* bug fix - no more errors caused by mobs trying to level up
* bug fix - lua error on trying to manually adjust stats lower than 8
* bug fix - no longer possible to manually adjust stats that were rolled
* bug fix - spellbook now accounts for levels gained every 3rd level
* bug fix - no lua errors should spells gain and spell slots gain ever mismatch
* bug fix - plant critters no longer as fast; shrieker stuck down in a spot
* bug fix - lua errors on pressing Space

* new tiles - altar, note, horse, griffon
* new spell - Ignizarr's fire
* in-game user chat now works!
* chat keys added to Help
* polymorphing & wild shape
* Ride skill and mounts
* lore framework added
* DR x/magic implemented; framework ready for other DR types
* coded locked doors
* auto-search for traps coded
* coded party support
* calendar changed to match Incursion's
* enabled creature templates, both from SRD and from Incursion
* Knowledge check necessary to be aware that the monster *HAS* a template
* show lore and show achievements screens
* added a test zone
* change zone capacity added to debug menu
* revised the README to be more readable; split off complete features listing
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