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Again, good points in general; I used Wands of Annihilation on Morgoth. Also, the high end wands (Wands of Dragon Flame, etc.) should actually do more damage than most of your spells.

However, trust me on this, I ran the numbers for my specific character and the sling(s) worked out better at the beginning (IIRC, one of them was a decent enchantment Sling of Extra Shots).


I checked and apparently I was also shooting arrows at Morgoth with my Gnome Mage


I killed Morgoth this morning. I swapped out Thorin for the Shield of the Haradrim. With my various equipment tweaks (including equipping The One Ring) this meant I left a hole of Sound Resistance. This isn't normally a big issue and I carried it along as a swap anyway. The Haradrim Shield has a bunch of combat bonuses which meant that I was more likely to hit Morgoth with my Arrows of Holy Might and 2 shots/rd from Belthronding.

For those of you wondering why a Mage is using a bow on Morgoth, the damage potential looked to be better than Mana Storm and about equal to the Wands of Annihilation with my device bonus.

I cleared out the area first and then did what I did with my Priest. Shoot Morgoth on approach, Teleport him away when he gets too close, use Banishment and Mass Banishment when he Summons, chug Healing or *Healing* potions when he attacks, recharge Mana when too low.

What can I say, it works.

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