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mages & books

Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I don't think I've seen you give a full explanation of why you feel that reducing the number of books is a bad thing.
The development of a warrior type characters power is based on finding good gear. There are 12 equipment slots and to simplify things i assume there are three equipment power levels: starting-mid/game-top gear. So from newbie warrior to top gear end game warrior you have 36 steps.

Mages power do not rely on equipment mostly but on the available spells. Here come their books into play. With 9 books (4 town) you basically have only 6 steps from starting mage to top gear mage. (I know that is not totally true but at some point the mage will need resistances etc). But if you go for killing power then the books count basically most.

The less steps there are between starting power and end game power the bigger the difference between the steps are. To make an extreme example:
imagine there are only two magic books: the first from town and the second with all end game spells at DL 60 or something like that. You got the 2nd book you are end game ready, you don't got it you are a bummer.

I consider the 9 book power differences already as too big. So the solution to this problem is ... make the power difference smaller. Making the power difference smaller is done by increasing the number of relevant drops. In this case books. It would be even better if you would split the power increase to single spells. A mage with about 25 to 30 spells would have almost the same power differences like a warrior if he would gain single spells instead of complete books.

That was the playability aspect. Now for inventory management. Since the birth option selling=off is set there is much less need for inventory management. While in older days you had to take decisions ... what do i keep in inventory?, how often do i recal to town? (and take the risk to recal back to a place not being at stairs) what does sell for most gold? From my point of view there is just no need to reduce the number of books.

I explained why reducing the number of books is no good plan from a game power / mechanics point of view. But maybe someone could explain me why reducing the number of books is a good thing at all??? Thanks.
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