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There is a num pad on my keyboard I was just too stupid to think of using it up until recently

Sadly Alagon lays in the dirt at 350ft because I picked up a glaive that had a special status which turned out to be vampiric, I them proceeded to follow an easterling through a hallway and he along with an orc champion turned on me and that's all she wrote

I was playing on a computer at my cousins and I managed to get to 400 ft with a curved sword of Gondolin and a short bow of Gondolin, So i went into a one v one with Orcabal a champion of orcs, he brought my health to 14/34 and then bam

On that run I encountered a robe that increased melee and archer for the cost of protection, do you think I should have kept it on? Would you recommend dipping equipment into potions?
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