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Sky is on a distinguished road
DL2 - i find another DD and decide to read it


i kill some acolytes and reach CL6, 63hp, 2sp, then kill some kobolds for CL7, 71hp, 3sp, then a grape jelly for CL8, 76hp, 3sp. Luck has run out.


i find right away a lantern just sitting on the ground, and i kill a couple harmless mobs for CL9, 86hp, 4sp and learn Light Area.
I then find a single Red Worm Mass and kill it for CL9, CL10, CL11, CL12, and CL13 (it wouldn't die, what can i say), 112hp, 7sp.

I find a bundle of 5 potions, which obviously are !Conf. This really should be avoided, because when it's a whole bunch of potions, like 4 or 5 or 6, it's always a bad potion.


i discover my dagger is Slay Dragon, and squelch all normal weapons. A cutpurse kindly drops me some gloves of FA, which too hard for the game to drop to my previous rogue, uh?


i ID some more stuff, and recall to sell my first (tiny) haul.
Or not; as apparently something along the road burned my one ?Recall.

Oh well, i'm a rogue, i got Detect Stairs. Shouldn't take me long.
"i can take this dracolich"
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