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as i head back to town, i hit CL14, 128hp, 8sp.

.. ok, so. i'm at DL1 and i kill one miserable "small kobold" standing in my way, and he drops me:

The Leather Sandals 'Tharn' [1,+25]

where the AC bonus would be enough, but these give me +5 STR, +1 light, rDark (don't need it, i'm a half-orc) and Detect Objects (again don't need it, i'm a rogue), plus something still not ID.

Farmer Maggot kindly drops me a magical weapon that i don't need, and i sell it.

I let curiosity get the best of me and i buy 4 ID scrolls from the Black Market, and i discover the above artifact has pFear, rCold, rFire, Feather Falling, and at least 1 more.

I also ID Slay Evil from some arrows i picked up and some other minor things. I pick up several Recall, a ton of CSW (no CCW at the temple), and sell *some* of my CLW. I spend 1800 more in the BM to get 3 CCW, and prepare to go back down. I have 1000gp left.


i kindly murder Lagdulf The Snaga, who drops me a magical maul (1k GP), and ID mushrooms of Clear Mind.


i kill a night lizard and reach CL15, 137hp, 8sp. The level feeling is 2-5, so there's got to be something nice here, and i go look for it. I've way above the CL minimum for this depth, so i can pretty much zoom through the dungeon.

In the end it's a rod of mapping, which is good, but not amazing. I decide to recall to ID stuff just as soon as i go down the stairs.

Not much of interest in the loot bag, but i do go back down with 7000 gold.


So it's probably a jelly pit, level feeling 9. I celebrate by killing a lizard and reaching CL16, 146hp, 9sp (3 castings of Detect Objects).

The level feeling turn out to be 9-1. Now, if i was a warrior, and it was a kobold pit, i would totally go look for it. If it was a jelly pit and i was a Mage, i would also go look for it. But as i am both a rogue and a massive coward, i will leave.
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