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after recall, i find that the very last drop i picked up is a pike +2 ..must be Slay ... something? Animals? Demons? Fish? It's +2 Dex so ... slay giant? Nope, it's Slay Orc.

Anyway, it's got ESP, but i only do 33 damage base. It's HALF as much as the shovel, and at this stage i'm not sure it's worth it. I will try carrying it as a swap, but dang, its 16 Lbs.


a generic 4-2 level. I do find a "mysterious" cloak (rShards, and a whopping +16 AC). I kill a troll and reach CL19, and then i kill one or more Giant Fleas that at my CL are worth 3.1 XP each, thus reaching CL20 .. ermm .. i mean CL21, at the cost of 5 CLW and 10 CSW, and a few seconds of holding a key. Pls nerf.

DL18, CL21, 196hp, 14sp, and Mugash right in front of me. I find a ring of strength +2 (more for the sustain than anything) and some generic junk.


orc pit, i clear it but no drops, so i explore a bit more. I kill some tarantulas at the cost of 2 CSW because they can easily deal 200hp of DoT poison.

I see Boldor at the edge of the screen and decide to end this run with him, but an Imp decides to Teleport Level on me.

"i can take this dracolich"
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