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DL19, DL20

i kill Grishnak at the same time as a 2-headed hydra, which isn't terribly difficult due to having a pretty darn good AC for my level, but i do have use a couple CCW.

DL21 LF7-5

a special room. i clear it easily, only a couple minor mobs. not sure either what the 7- is, so, either there's another vault, or it's a single grossly OOD monster somewhere on the level.

Or, you know .. a jelly pit. *sigh*

Ok, the pit yields the Phial of Someguy, which does +3 light and rDark, so now i have 3 sources of rDark.

Killing stuff i reached CL24, 230hp, 17sp.

in town, i ID my first potion of brawn. It eats one of my WIS points, but the payoff is +2.9 points of STR.
I now do 89 dps with the pike, and would do 115 with the shovel. AND i can tunnel with the pike, as well.

DL21 i see Bolg, Son Of Azog, who is fretting for an ass-whopping. He drops me a simple chain mail that cuts my mana in half.


LF 5-1, and a bunch of hummerhorns everywhere, so i leave.


a bunch of illusionists and other minor stuff, but enough for CL25, 233hp and (for now) 9sp.


I find a ring of +3 INT which helps me finally cast Identify. LF 4-5, let's see what i can find.

Ok, so i first find Boldor and Orfax, and for some reason Boldor does not teleport away as he always does.

Boldor drops me

The Pendant of Ohtanglar

+2 DEX, +3 Stealth, rNexus, rAcid, rSound, rCold. A: mushroom of stoneskin.

While Orfax drops nothing. The level -5 feeling was probably a magical lochaberd axe.
I did say i was gonna invest in !Brawn, but since i'm doing quite well, i see no reason to, even though there are two of them in the BM. I also buy 1 !Heal and 1 *Heal.

DL23, DL24

i use another !brawn, just after saying i wouldn't. I lose a point of INT and my STR climbs to 18/145.
I don't stay long as i find enough loot and also there is the biggest swarm of blink dogs ever and i don't want to spend 20 minutes trying to kill them. Seriously, like 15+ blink dogs in one spot.

DL25, DL26

i kill Angmanite and his buddy, and Kim, Son Of Mim. On the next level, i kill Ibun, Son Of Mim. They drop just generic stuff, which however is worth 10k gold. After recall, i am now CL26, 242hp and 14sp - my SP value keeps going up and down due to armour penalties.
"i can take this dracolich"
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