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i kill Azog and Shagrat, and receive nothing for my efforts, but further in the dungeon i find:

The Amulet of Amalduath

+3 STR, rFire rDark rPois, FA sDige sDEX.

which would be my 4th source of rDark, but will likely be slotted in later on when i need rPoison.

i leave with a ton of generic drops, ID some more stuff, and the recall.


i find a scroll of Teleport Level


Level Feeling 7-4. I go down.


LF 3-4, yet i find a Blue Dragon Scale Mail of Stealth +2, which solves the problem of my encumberanc epenalty to mana; i go from 11sp to 23sp with not much of a dent in my AC, now at 110. I'm at 50k gold, but the BM doesnt have anything useful.


special room, where i kill Ulfast, Son of Ulfang, no drops. I have to fight a colbran that does as colbrans do and breaks my rod of mapping. Well, you don't need mapping when you got tunnelling.


LF 4-1.


another colbran and another 4-1. I got some potions i want to ID.

They turn out to be !toughness and !nimbleness, and i drink the latter, losing 1 point of INT and gaining 1 point DEX; i also buy a ring of strength +5 from the BM bringing my adjusted stats to: 18/175 STR, 12 INT, 6 WIS, 18/70 DEX, 10 CON. It's gonna take a looong time to raise that CON up to decent levels.


LF 4-2, i get ready to leave. My pike still does only 117 vs orcs and 78 vs others, it's not like i'm really ready for DL40.


i kill a sleeping Golfimbul and right next to him Bullroarer (that hobbit was always hanging out with the wrong crowd) and i get no drops. I also kill a basilisk without talking too much damage, but then i see the LF is 5-4, despite a special room. As i am about to leave, i spot Gorbag, The Orc Captain, who is more generous with his drop, and lets me have his rapier:

The Rapier of Calrondel 3d6 +10,+10 (167 dps)

+1 STR, pConf. A: phase

not exactly the best artifact ever, but pConf will likely be my next slot-in when i find another source of ESP ..


LF 4-5, which i immediately find out is a Plate of Resistance, which i go sell for a whopping 9k gold. Ok, so it's not really that much, but DL32 is relatively harmless when you got decent gear.


tired, getting ready for bed. LF 7-6, and a small vault. Inside i kill a neflashee, some adult dragons, and other non-dangerous stuff, and make away with some sellable drops. I also have a set of seeker arrows of slay evil and i learn some more brands. Finally, i sell a scale mail of resistance for 11k gold, and wear a shield of elvenkind (rNether).

CL28, 261hp, 22sp. time for bed.
"i can take this dracolich"
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