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i barely explore a quarter of the level, LF 5-2.


i kill Draebor, The Imp who drops me this very underwhelming artifact:

The Set Of Gauntlets of Andol [3,+12]

FA, sDig.

The LF here is 6-5, and although i find a tiny vault, there's nothing in it. It's possibly this new potion i found ..
I briefly start a fight with Uldor, The Accursed, but i try to ID a staff on him and it's a staff of haste monsters, so i bail out.

At least the BM has a potion of DEX, which brings me form 18/70 aaaaall the way to 18/101.

DL33 again

a potion of STR, lance of extra attacks (LF 4-5), not much else.


We start with a LF 9- which likely means a greater vault. Greater Vaults at this depth are great, the OOD stuff isn't terribly dangerous .. even though i don't have TO yet.
Yup, it's a GV allright. There's a Great Wyrm of Many Colours and a Skull Druji in it, both would need to be TO away.

Anyway .. i clear the rest of the level. The GV is one of those spiral inside square thingies, and i do not have TO. I know i can clear the first 2 external spirals so i do that, and a mindflyers drops me this:

The Scimitar 'Sarnar'

+3 Infra, slay troll, dragons, undead
cold brand, rFire rCold rPois. FA.

not bad and it almost triples my damage, but i would lose ESP.

I decide against committing suicide and recall.

DL33 again

nothing interesting.


a potion of STR, LF 4-6. A rod of drain life and an un-ID staff .. not sure what is affecting the LF.


i kill Smeagol for some branded bolts.


likely a defender weapon, LF 4-5. i recall to sell.
"i can take this dracolich"
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