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Sky is on a distinguished road

i take a few steps and see the LF as 4-3. I walk into a trapdoor.


Lorgan tries to engage me but i know better.
i wander around teh dungeon a bit (LF 5-3) and see a bunch of Mumaks, which will be next level up.
CL31, 292hp, 25sp. Not exactly "reliable teleport others".

meanwhile i made some cornbread muffins; they are just like corn muffins, but savoury instead of sweet.


a Colossus, which i accidentally melee, nearly dying. LF 5-3.

DL39 (after recall)

Omens of death!

From Detect Objects, i can see two vaults. When the LF returns as 9-8, i queff !Enlightment and see that it's a special room and a GV, the really big one that is completely open inside, and possibly the hardest one to clear, even for a high level character. For me, impossible.
That doesn't mean i won't try ..

For now, i explore the rest of the level, see if i can level up, as now my TO is at 50% fail.

Well, Ungoliant is in the vault, along with a whoole lot of stuff i can't take on. As i have found a new scroll, i move to the end of the vault to test if *fingers crossed* it's Mass Banishment, but instead of MBan it turns out to be *Destruction*. I just destroyed whatever of value was inside this vault, AND used a potion of enlightment to do so.

Time to recall.
"i can take this dracolich"
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