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HE Ranger In Tough Spot

Hi All,

Bit new to 4.1 (probably have a version that needs an update too but that's another story)

As seen in my dump, I am lvl 29 but got there mostly via an exp potion I found, so my kit is still pretty weak.

I bumped into a ninja or similar and my str was reduced down to 4 - I was lazy and missed the fact he was str draining.

So now I'm speed -12, long way from leveling and as far as I know, need a level or a +str potion to restore.

Going down to dlvl 1000-1500 with -12 and my kit is an exercise in teleporting. Was thinking best chance was find a safe life drainer and get drained down to previous level then try and work back up? Any other tips?


(dump to follow)
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