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Found out something interesting I'd never noticed before (being playing since the early '90s). I'm playing a half troll paladin and his Int was 3 and he kept getting Int drained and it just turned he 3 yellow. I hadn't ever realised you cannot go below 3 in a stat. At least in 4.0.4.

You learn new things in Angband trying new combinations. I'd never run a half troll before. The early game is really fun as he is so tough and resilient and hits really hard. He's pretty good now, necklace of sustenance, immune to frost and electricity, holds life, resistant to both Chaos and Disenchant, been killing ringwraithes with ease.

After Rangers and Mages not being able to rely on prayers or devices is a bit frustrating but he's better than he used to be and I've got his Int up maxed at 18/110 so not bad. Feeling interested in this combo. Playing randarts, got bored with the same old relics, love what it does to even Ego weapons.
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