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Ok, there is a workaround which I found: to clear photoshop 'transparent' layer when you save .png; I use for it this addon (cause by default photoshop can't do it).

It's removes white artifacts

Some hints for Photoshop:
1) To make it easy to edit tileset - use grid:
'View' -> 'Show' -> 'Grid'
and then adjust grid to 32 px:
Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grids & Slices The Guides
2) lock position of layer so you won't move tileset accidentally

YAY! Editing tileset now - huge pleasure!

Thanks to everyone! Your replies helped to solve this riddle


but. New challenge. New problem!

Rubble got black 'background'... The same issue not only in Gervais tileset, but also in Shockbolt's. Why is it so? How to make it properly transparent?
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