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FOV and pathfinding concept, maybe variant material

So I've been messing around a bunch lately with a custom roguelike in Rust, and since I'm using tcod-rs there's a lot of cool stuff available from the API. And it gave me a couple of ideas. They might make it into this roguelike, and/or I might try to implement them in an Angband variant.

1. Bulky monsters that can block FOV.

IMO this would make sense as a flag. For my current project I'd probably have to do it by making bulky monsters set the tile they're on to block sight, and unset when they move, which... is kind of hacky but yeah.

Anyway, I think this could create some tactically interesting stuff; e.g. incentive to duck behind a large monster to get out of LOS of spellcasters or archers.

2. A* pathfinding for monsters that includes monster-occupied squares as unwalkable.

Why? Because if I understand A* correctly, this can result in automatic flanking behavior. Again, for the current project I'd have to use kind of hacky methods for this. But I like the idea of automatic flanking, especially in combination with monsters that block LOS.

The combination of these two seems especially intriguing to me, as far as creating a faster paced and more claustrophobic game.
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