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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
What controls when a forge appears? I know there are 3 guaranteed forge levels, but it seems like you can still "miss" it by (guessing) seeing the room but not using the forge. So I'm paranoid to leave those levels until I've used the forge.

Outside of those three, is it totally random? I saw someone refer to guessing how many are left... so do you only get X additional forges per game?
If that was me guessing how many are left it refered to turncount. Forges are created on level gen. For the guaranteed forges its when that depth first gens. 500' (or 550' if you shaft from 450').

The non-guaranteed forges are special rooms. The odds of a special room increase with depth (see generate.c). For the proportion of forge to non-forges look in rooms.txt

The short of the long is unexplored rooms on your level are no more likely to be forges then unexplored rooms on a new level and there are more deeper. Though I've never run the numbers to check if theres a sweet spot for forge chance.
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