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That helps a lot, I did have some understanding of the speed system (overexaggerated a bit I'm at +25 playing a klackon) But that helps make a chunk more sense of it thank you, and also answers my other question I guess I put on some cold resist after he ripped me and saw a different number than his actual damage I was just kinda Confused, but even then with 65% resists thats more than half my HP in an attack. That's pretty nuts For where he is probably just not worry about him til much later then, thanks.

a few more questions then, I'm Having a lot of trouble gearing for resists, Any advice? Should I worry about the non base (including fear, paralysis and Confusion of course) resists very much? And when should I start looking for things like chaos and nexus Resist? Also, how important is AC? I can't seem to find any gear that has good resists and also decent AC, is there a specific dungeon that works for loot hunting?

And maybe what do rings of wizardry do, Sometimes it looks like they have Attack and damage mods on them but they (Somewhat obviously) Don't seem to affect my actual combat stats.

Tried googling and looking through the help and searching for stuff but Struggling to really find much info. Everything seems comes back for angband or not at all.

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