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ster is an unknown quantity at this point
Utgard is absurdly overtuned for his depth and drops nothing useful skip him until later.

The best places to get gear mid-game are quests; try the elven embassy (or lost temple of the spider-god if you get unlucky) then underground city in Morivant, the cloning pits and then clear the wreckage in Thalos and eddies in the space-time continuum in Zul (the town in the mountains). Between just the guarenteed rewards from those you should be able to fill out shield, armor, both rings, weapon, boots and gauntlets, and there's speed, 2x Fa and 2x rBase near-guarenteed from those.

Easy lore is more likely to teach you the game than cheat death but you can't turn it on retroactively....
gwarl 09/19/2019
I can't ban ster from my roguelikes site though like all other roguelike admins have because it lets him win
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